Landlord Information

As a landlord, you know you have a lot of responsibilities towards your property and your tenants. As property managers, we are specialists that know how to manage your property for optimum performance. We act as a professional business partner that will ensure smooth running tenancies and will comply with the various landlord laws.

Contact us and let us take the stress out of being a landlord and maximise your rental investment.

Our Letting & Management Service includes:

  • Inspecting your property and providing a rental valuation with advice on letting your property in your area
  • Advising you on compliance with safety regulations
  • Identifying suitable tenants; we have multiple methods to find the right tenant for your property including professional contacts, advertising, and tenants waiting to let from one of our landlords
  • Posting a “To Let” sign at your property if required
  • Showing the property to interested tenant applicants
  • Conducting all tenant credit checks and evaluating references
  • Preparing the appropriate tenancy agreement and arranging signature by the accepted tenant
  • Collecting and managing the tenancy deposit in accordance with current legislation
  • Preparing an inventory and schedule of condition for both the landlord and the tenant
  • Checking the tenant into the property and agreeing the inventory
  • Assisting the transfer of utilities and council tax accounts in the tenant’s name
  • Receiving rental payments in advance and paying you promptly with a detailed statement
  • Paying regular outgoings from the collected rent on your behalf
  • Conducting regular inspections and reporting any problems
  • Arranging and managing any necessary repairs or maintenance
  • Maintaining a relationship with the tenant and arranging renewal of the agreement as necessary
  • Checking tenants out as required

Re-letting and continuing the process with a minimum of vacant periods to ensure that maximum return from your property

We know certain properties have certain needs and we are happy to adapt our service to work for you.

Our Fees

We offer special introductory fees and fee reductions on multiple property portfolios.

Please contact us for more information on our Letting, Rent Collection, and Tenant Find services.